Thursday, July 30, 2009

good talk

If you want to see what my brother Bob looks like in the flesh you can Google Bob Preusse and see an interview last Feb. about an upcoming Wrestling Meet. The Video makes his facial features bulge in the middle, he looks better than that of course anybody does. His voice is higher, he has the same voice as my Mother's brother. After the 6 Hour delay on the Pan American Highway my bus journeyed to Nasca. It was 10 A.M. and I took a taxi to the Airport. You can only see the famous Nasca Lines from the Air, it costs $55 for half an hour and you're up with a pilot and 3 other tourists. I wanted to also see the nearby Palpa Lines and paid for that as well but they couldn't get anybody else to do this so they refunded the additional money. At Nasca you see a Monkey, Spider, Condor, Human Figure and others and it's very good. These Lines were made 200 B.C. to 600 A.D. and Everybody today wonders what they represented, My opinion is they had nothing better to do. Maria Reiche was a German Lady who devoted most of her long life to the Nasca Lines. Reiche was a Mathematician and Archeologist who thought the Lines represented Astronomical Cycles. There's a Good Museum in what was her House that I enjoyed visiting, she died in 1998 at the age of "95." That evening I went to the Astronomy Lecture at the Maria Reiche Observatory and I enjoyed that a lot. I love that Stuff, I've gotta get me a Good Telescope, I've been thinking about that for a long time. Afterwards we went outside and the Lecturer had us all look through this Telescope at Saturn. You could see the Ring around it, it was Way Cool. With the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing it's been pointed out extensively that there's been nothing to Match this Accomplishment over the past 40 Years. Whereas at that time 4 % of the National Budget was devoted to NASA today it's less than 1 %, Disgrace, Disgrace.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

good talk

I was Sorry to hear about the demise of Vernon Forrest, a well-known Good Guy and a Brave Fighter. I had seen him fight. You wonder how People are Capable of such Swinish Behavior. I saw the USA Basketball Team play this past Sat. Nite, it was half against the other. I saw Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Love (whose halfcourt outlet pass is one of the true athletic beauties), the very good O.J. Mayo and others, some of the best Basketball Talent in the World. I just went to the Dentist and it's now been 10 years since I had a cavity. I also had all that Guck scraped off my teeth by Jan, who is the best I've had, a Scrapejob. I laugh when I read how they want schools to get their classroom size down to under 30. I graduated from the 8th Grade at St. Sebastian's in Akron, Ohio and I remember that of the 2 8th Grades, one had "55" and the other had "58." It was actually hard to learn due to the size and they spent half the day praying or going to Church, also some of the Nuns weren't Good Teachers. But on Comprehensive Tests they did well against the Public Schools, maybe it was all that praying. Sebastian had been a Roman Officer who became a Christian so the Romans tied him to a post and shot him full of Arrows, how he'd usually depicted. But a Woman took him Home and nursed him back to Health. Recovered, he confronted the Emperor Diocletian, saying Why do you persecute the Christians. Diocletian replied, Why I hadn't really thought about it, he then ordered Sebastian to be taken out and bludgeoned to death. On St. Sebastian's Feast Day everybody in the school got a big hard-candy Arrow. I usually just got B's and C's in School, yeah I tried hard, always came to school, studied, best I could do, Just Plain Folks, Just Plain Folks. My older brother, Bob, never went to Kindergarten, he had as good of grades as Anybody, say in High School he took all Advanced Placement Courses. In his 4th Year German Class he was one of 3 in it. He never studied at home, I never knew him to read a book from cover to cover. About all he read in the newspaper was the sportspage. He's a retired 30 year Federal Employee, he graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Business, to get his federal job he took a test and got a "94," he didn't study for it, he just walked in and took it. That plus 5 points for Veterans Preference gave him a "99." When he took the Interview the guy offered him the job at the end. What most people would consider to be a very good job he was offered just for showing up for the interview? Having already 3 years federal service for being in the Army, the least amount of vacation he ever got was 4 weeks. He retired at "55" and his pension is as stable as this country itself. I'm glad of this, I don't say have to worry about him being amongst the homeless. We're nothing alike, it's not like he's telepathic for example, he reminds me of "Grog," a Neandethal in the comic strip B.C., whose only utterance is "Grog." Both my brothers always had a lot of friends and could dig up a girl pretty easily so Others thought better of him than myself, maybe they're right.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

good talk

In the Current "Ring" Magazine it said in Relation to the Clottey-Cotto Fight "...Many along press row thought that Clottey had won...," No Joke. Bob Arum continues to Soldier On with Cotto. Recently I was Watching a Tape on TV of the Feb. 24, 1989 Fight between Iran Barkley and Roberto Duran. This was at Middleweight and Barkley, related to Charles Barkley, appeared to be half again as Big as Duran who had Forged his Loftly Reputation at Lightweight. It was a tough, brutal Battle with the Fighters often Standing Toe to Toe and Trading Haymakers and you really Wondered how the much smaller Duran was able to do it. Duran, at "38" knocked Iran down in the 11th Round and won a Close Decision. Soon after this fight in Feb. 1989 I was reading an Article in one of these Boxing Magazines I buy about an Interview with Roberto a few days after the Fight with Barkley. Duran was asked how he was Able to Defeat the Heavily-Favored Barkley and it said that he Laughingly Replied, "...I didn't....." Also in the Same Interview Duran described Michael Nunn, the leading Middleweight at that time as "...A Queer and a Gay....." The Article ended with "...We're glad to see that Duran has retained his charm." A Couple Months later I was Reading that Roberto Duran was Making an Appearance at a 5-Star Hotel Relating to the WBC Middleweight Championship that he had won from Barkley. It said that the next morning that Duran was seen wearing cut-offs and a T-Shirt and "...Bounding past the Breakfast Buffet Line and Hostess with a Bounce seldom seen in His Step these Days for the Delicacies that Lay Within..." It then said that Duran loaded his plates and Sat Down and was Seen "...Eating Scrambled Eggs, although Seldom Considered to be Finger Food..." with his Hands. The Article was titled "No Mas Forks?" Roberto Duran is Considered to be by Many or even Most as the Best Lightweight of All Time, 135 pound limit, where he was called "Manos de Piedra," Hands of Stone, but he fought as high as 168 pounds Holding his Own Against the Best of Much Bigger Men. Robert was still Fighting at age "50" and doing pretty well, only Retiring after he was in a Serious Car Accident. Roberto Duran is one of the Most Worthy Members of the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

gppd ta;l

From Trujillo I went up to Lambayeque which is 3 Hours North on the Bus and Saw the Bruning Museum and the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum. Dr. Walter Alva in 1987 discovered the Tomb of a Moche Warrior Priest which was full of Treasures which you can see at this Latter Museum and the Bruning is Good in its own Right. Other Tombs in Sipan were also Excavated and are Still Being Excavated. To be in these 2 Museums was Very Exciting as I had Heard of their Discoveries long ago. Being Me I had to go to Sipan itself 20 Miles Away near the Ocean so I had a taxi take me there and back. They have a nice Museum there but the Excavations that you can see Amount to a bunch of Big Holes in the Ground, what I Expected but I wanted to go There Anyway. Back to Trujillo and then by Bus to Lima, 10 Hours on the Pan American Highway and then another Bus to Nasca (Nazca). There was a 6 Hour Delay on the Pan American which only amounts to one Lane in Either Direction as there had been an Accident. This is Commonplace but the Lost Time was Irritating to Me. I Saw in the Paper where Travis Henry was Sentenced to Federal Prison for his Role in a Cocaine Operation. Henry had been a Talented Running Back for the Broncos who was known for Being Unable to pay his Child Support for his 11 Children by 10 Women. In the Las Vegas Newspaper it noted that he must have had 2 by One of Them, it Said he must have really loved her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

good talk

I've Given Blood 17 Times in Las Vegas and it would have been a Lot More Except that I've often been flagged for High Blood Pressure. It's Ordinarily Normal but the Thought of Giving 9% of my Body's Blood Supply Makes Me Nervous. For their Purposes I Have Rare Blood, not as Rare as You Think. It's AB Positive and also CMV Negative. They Cut my Pint 6 Ways and Give it to Preemies, Most People have the CMV Virus and that'll Kill a Preemie, I don't have it. I also don't have Herpes or Anything Sexually Transmitted or Anything Else, My Body's Pure, Well it is, Why I'm Wearing a White Shirt. I Went to the San Diego Zoo Recently, Best in the World. Costs Big Money to Get in but Packed on a Monday. I was There from 1 0:30 until 7. Taking the Bus is Sort of a Waste of Time, you've Gotta Walk the Walk. They used to have a Tasmanian Devil, was there the last time for me 7 Years Ago but None Now. Good, this Guy or Gal was so Lonely-Looking just like We'd be if We were the Only Person in the World. Hopefully Shipped Somewhere Where He found Romance (like in the Bugs Bunny Cartoons). They had about 10 Giant Galapagos Tortoises, about as Many as I saw in the Galapagos. They had 2 Pandas on Display, they have 5 but only 2 Displayed at a Time. They were Showing Gao Gao who is 17 and the Father of 3 Young Pandas. He was just sitting there Eating Bamboo. Also there was his daughter, Zhen Zhen, age 2 and She was a Ball of Fire. She was Climbing Trees, Hanging Upside Down, Falling Off and Rolling Down to the Concrete Embankment and Then Doing All This Over Again. Everybody was Laughing at Zhen Zhen's Antics, That was So Much Fun. It's Good to Commune with the Other Animals. 3 Months Ago I was at the Buenos Aires Zoo which was Quite Nice. Recently in the San Diego Newspaper they had a Story About Antonio Cromartie of the Chargers who had an Off-Season Last Year when at age "24" he was Constantly Besieged by Requests for Money from the 5 Mothers of his 7 Children. The Doctor that I See Every 4 Months is a little-girl Doctor, "40," Smart as Heck, I 've Seen Her for almost 7 Years. She had her only Child Recently (Said it's now or never). It was also a Lady Doctor who did my Skin Cancer Surgeries Recently, she's also real Good (I'm Very Critical, I filed a Complaint against 3 Doctors only recently). She's never been Married and is about "50." And both are very nice Ladies. So between the 2 of Them they have a Total of 1.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

good talk

Obama Seems to be saying the Right Things in Africa, telling them that they have to Reform instead of Blaming Others. When Clinton was apologizing to Everybody for Everything he Apologized to the Africans for Slavery. One African Country's President said, Maybe it's the African Chiefs who should Apologize. All of the Black Slavery Began with Black Africans enslaving other Black Africans, either War Captives or Unpopular Members of the Tribe (you'd really know that you were unpopular). They'd then be sold to Traders, often Arabs, and taken to the Coast to be Sold yet again and then taken aboard Ships. Like Many of you I've bought a new General Motors car only to be disappointed. General Motors used to be the Epitome of Excellence and Mightiness in this Country and of course it no Longer is. When my Father was Officer-in-Charge of the Brook Park Tank Plant near Cleveland during the Korean War, Ed Cole was the Manager of the GM Plant outside of Cleveland. They were sort of the Same (my Father was a Reserve Officer, he didn't even Like the Army because they didn't produce anything Construcive). Ed was in our House in Akron (we never lived in Cleveland, we were Akronites), he and my Father were Friends. Later Ed rose to become the President of General Motors (1967 to 1973) and even then General Motors was Highly Esteemed. Ed Cole died piloting his own Plane at the age of "68," like Henry Ford a Michigan Farmboy with a Bit of Ambition. I'm willing to Bring Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox back to Strict Heterosexuality, I don't particularly want to but for the Weal I'm Willing to Make the Effort. They'll Gladly Lasor their Tatts for Me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

good talk

Humprey Bogart said that a hotdog at the Ballpark was better than steak at the Ritz. I arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador from the Galapagos and found a nice room for 20 U.S. and I explored the City. The largest City in Ecuador with 2 Million, there's much Poverty. No longer a Rough and Tumble Seaport the City has developed the Waterfront along the Guayas River with Malecon 2000 and it's fun to walk its Length. There's a Good Historical Museum there and I liked the Cathedral and Churches. Founded by the Spanish in 1538 I enjoyed Catting About the Place and seeing what Everybody was Up To. I was Fortunate to be able to buy a ticket for the bloated price of 65 U.S. and Ride Out on the Thursday before Good Friday to Trujillo, Peru. A 16 Hour Trip, on the Bus one can See the Countryside. I Arrived in Trujillo at 6 A.M. on Good Friday and was able to find a Hotel where I Stayed for 3 Nights. I saw the Ruins of the Moche and Chimu Civilizations at Chan Chan, the largest Adobe City in the World and at Huaca del Sol, the Temple of the Sun and Huaca de la Luna, the Temple of the Moon. These last 2 I saw with a German Couple who were there who Seemed like Nice People (they liked my Last Name) and we had a Nice Girl who spoke Good English to Show Us Around. I tipped her twice as Much as the German Couple. The Krauts are Notorious Cheapskates which is Embarassing to Me as Much of my Origins are This. On Easter Sunday I saw the Paso Horses Exhibition, these are descended from the Spanish Horses and are known for their smooth gait and Endurance. It was Very Theatrical and Good. Trujillo was founded by Juan Pizarro in 1534 and named after his hometown in Spain. They have Good Museums there particularly at the University and One that was in the Basement of a Gas Station.

Monday, July 6, 2009

good talk

I've always wanted to have a Charity, it's all you people's fault that I don't. You Media People are the Bane of Society, you are Truly Scum. You know this yourselves. Last Week I went to the Del Mar Fair, the 5th largest in the country and was there for 11 Hours. It's good to see all those pigs, cows, sheep, horses, etc., it makes you feel part of Nature. All the Farmgirls are Blonde, a Requirement? At night I saw "Creedence Clearwater Revisited" which has 2 original Members of the 4 from "Creedence Clearwater Revival," so that's plenty of Authenticity. Of course, John Fogarty is the Big One and he's doing his own thing, his older brother, Tom, died from AIDS in 1990 but the 3 should be together, it's too bad. They had 20 Hits, my favorite is "Tonight," that thing moves. I had a Great Time, it was Wonderful, I saw everything there. Yesterday, Sunday, I saw the Padres play the Dodgers with Chad Billingsley vs. Josh Banks. Banks left after 4 innings but Billingsley, who had hit a Home Run, was up 6-1 and throwing "99" in the 9th when he gave up a Home Run and a Single and was taken out. The Dodgers' Relief Pitching allowed Billingsley's runner to score plus, ha, ha, 3 more Runs to take away Chad's Victory, bet he was happy. Unfortunately, the Dodgers hit a Home Run in the 13th to win after the Padres' brave comeback. I was in the 10th row behind 1st Base, I like to sit in different places. 14 years ago I saw the Padres play the Astros at Qualcomm and was sitting in the 1st Row behind 1st Base. Jeff Bagwell, the 1st Baseman for the Astros had won the MVP the previous year and had signed a very fat contract. Bip Roberts of the Padres hit a grounder that the 2nd Baseman threw to Bagwell which he flubbed, one of you inept Women could have caught it. I yelled "Hey Butterfingers" and Bip Roberts who had reached 1st Base on Bagwell's Error patted Bagwell on the Shoulder in Response to the Fan's Taunt. I thought, I don't think I'll do that anymore.