Saturday, March 6, 2010

good talk

3 Years Ago I was in the Fine Arts Museum in Santiago that was so badly damaged, pity. Wheeled Luggage is for Sissies and does it really do a Lot of Good as You're Constantly Going up and down Stairs over Curbs and Uneven Surfaces. The San Diego Chargers are always Introducing Their Old Players at Halftimes and Ron Mix Amongst Them. I Met Ron's Mother, Daisy Mix, long ago, Jewish, and without a Scintilla of Pride in Her Son's Being Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame the Year Before said to me, "My Son is a Lawyer You Know." Daisy was Probably a Good Mom. Ron Mix Played for Southern Cal Where He Was All-American, he said, the McKeever Twins (the late Mike and Marlin) and Me were the only Ones to Lift Weights and We Were the Only Ones to Make All-American. To Rise Above the Rest You Usually Have to Put in Extra Efforts. A First Draft Choice of the NFL Colts and the Chargers, Ron Wanted to Play for the Colts but the Chargers Offered 80% More and for 2 Years Instead of 1. The Colts Refused to Raise Their Offer Telling Ron, We Want You, You Know this League Won't Last, We'll Get You Next Year. During Ron Mix's 10 Years With the Chargers he only Had 2 Holding Penalties. I Notice Many Jewish People in the American National Mass Media and Perhaps They Should Emulate Ron Mix's Example, Ron Succeeded Mightily Without Using Serpentine Methods, Maybe You Should Try to Straighten Yourserves Out Before It's Too Late, Well, It Probably Already Is Too Late But You Try Anyway. At Almost "72" and Still Very Tough Looking in Repose, Ron is Still a Practicing Attorney Known for His High Ethics in the Point Loma Area of San Diego. All Tapped Out -----E S Preusse