Sunday, November 21, 2010

good talk

My Grandfather had a cartoon above his workbench in the basement of 2 transients sitting on a park bench with one saying to the other, I was always the low bidder. The Clark County Library District takes in Las Vegas and extends all the way 90 miles south to include Laughlin and all municipalities in between. Recently they decided to cancel their Sunday subscription for the "Akron Beacon Journal" at the Flamingo Library, I pointed out to them that this only saves maybe $70 a year for subscription and mailing and that this is much less than any one of the Clark County Library District's employees makes in one day. 4 months ago I was at the Huntington and saw Charles Bukowski's typed rough draft of "Ham on Rye," when I asked to check it out of the Flamingo Library I was told that this famous book wasn't anywhere to be found in the entire Clark County Library District. What union do the Clark County Library District employees belong to, the Teamsters (if it moves unionize it).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

good talk

I recently read all my blogs, for the past 2 years, it took 7 hours. The Browns thrashed the Patriots 34-14, well I'll be a monkey's uncle.

good talk



Edgar Renteria on the game-winning and World Series ending home run that he hit off Cliff Lee's cut fastball, the ball no cut. It was a hundred degrees in San Diego on November 4. The Nazis' scientists were much better than ours, had they access to the vast resources that ours did they would have produced the A-Bomb first (the Nazis nuke Akron to show us they mean business). The United States would have never used the A-Bomb on the Germans as they were White and this country's largest immigrant group. I just saw "Inherit the Wind," on TV, that was some movie and based very closely to fact. A recent survey said that half the people in Kansas don't believe in evolution. I've been to Kansas, half the men talk like Gomer Pyle. The American people twice selected Bush to be President, well I'll be a monkey's unkle. The Parsis in India are followers of Zoroasterism, a monotheistic religion beginning in the 6th Century B.C., when I was in India the last time I was constantly buying bottles of cheap gin and whiskey to use as disinfectant as I couldn't find medicinal alcohol and when I was in Bombay (Mumbai) I bought a bottle of gin at a liquor store owned by Parsis. I'm sure that I'm not the only one you've known who's used gin to wash his feet (bathtub gin). To the Parsis earth, wind and fire are sacred and they lay their dead out for the birds of prey to consume at the Towers of Silence (the Gardens of Silence) in Bombay, I drove past them. It's said that if the birds take a man's eyes first then he was a very good man.