Sunday, July 28, 2013

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Not to beat it into the ground but I never have thought that I could successfully take on a man showing a firearm one reason why I'm alive and T. Martin isn't.  I saw that segment on "Good Morning America" showing FedEx employees throwing and slamming packages recently I received an expensive package at the U.S. Post Office which was heat-damaged 2 out the last 3 have been whereas none of the many previously the Post Office is no longer any good.  UPS?  Russia apparently is going to grant asylum to Edward Snowden telling Eric Holder to go soak his head.  Russia never has extradited anyone to anywhere the Russian Bear is showing no fear of the evil United States by not giving in to their disgraceful demands.  (Barry and Eric jumping up and down).....I'll Get You My Pretty and Your Little Dog Too....                  

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Sometimes I come into those real good heavy circular locks that sell at Wal-Mart for $13 and give them to guys at the gym to put on their lockers to safeguard their goods I just gave away the 7th of these you're not suprised that I do this you know I'm a Regular Guy.  It's time for Ted Kaczynski to be released from prison 17 years in a tiny cell is plenty of punishment.  Dr. Kaczynski was misguided and is sorry for what he did and won't do anything like that ever again.  The people of Cincinnati have built their lives around Chili there's 2 chains devoted to this I ate at one, "Skyline," and had their most expensive Chili they even serve it over spaghetti I thought it was weak.  Not just San Diego but Las Vegas has really bad roads and for the same reason the silly taxpayers have allowed their money to be spent on public employees' salaries and pensions when it should have been spent on Infrastructure.  Maryland Parkway is one long rut when you're driving down it you feel like you're sitting on a buckboard.                    

Monday, July 22, 2013

good talk

I saw Posey play a week ago Sunday (Padres won 10-1 Stults at "33" who until last year had had only 25 Major League Starts is now the Ace of the Padres' Staff).  It was 2011 that Buster broke his leg, hey man, I'm tired.                     

good talk

Rev Al is urging things on as usual, the TV Media is stoking the Florida Shooting for Ratings, Themselves, they are flawed people.  Barack Obama indicated before the trial that Zimmerman was guilty oh he's the President and a law professor.  Th   e Federal Govt indicated it didn't like the State Jury's Verdict and was going to get Zimmerman  one way or the other this Country has descended into lunacy.  The only eyewitness backed up Zim. that Martin had suckerpunched him and was beating him on the ground.  One could say that Zim. who was a mature man and 50 lbs. heavier wasn't a very good fighter or you could say since Martin probably wasn't going to beat him to death did Zim. have to shoot him.  It was a fair trial I thought Zim. looked respectable sitting there to these 6 women who are physically weak and wouldn't want some guy beating them on all 6 agreed that the shooting was justified. It would be hard for me to see Martin as an innocent child in this.  Recently I took a train from Sofia to Bucharest and was talking to a smart college boy (he indicated that the chick sitting across wasn't as good as I said and that he did better he was a nicelooking kid)  and he told me of the Gypsy Problem they have in Bulgaria.  Largely suppressed under Communism the Gypsies have taken advantage of effete laws he said that they broke into his Grandmother's house one night and terrorized her taking all the metal (plumbing) also he told me that one guy had shot and killed a Gypsy who had broken into his house and that 50 Gypsies had sworn a vendetta vowing to kill him, others agreed with what he had said.  These people who don't respect the decision of a jury of his peers in a Constitutionally approved Court of Law and say that they're going to ruin or end Zimmerman's life are just as bad as these Gypsies.                                                                                    

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I was in Laughlin, NV recently for 3 days 90 miles from Las Vegas it's not on my road atlas which is 30 years old.  9 Casinos on the Colorado River and no town for 3 miles just a few gas stations and a good discount Mall.  I get a real cheap rate from the hotel I stay at just for being a somewhat frequent guest I don't gamble there.  Beautiful river and nothing to bug you one can really relax.  The visitors are blue collar and old folks of various financial status beautiful nice quiet place.  At the Riverside Casino (Don Laughlin's who the town is named after) there's a very impressive and extensive antique car collection lots of cars from the beginning of automobiles all of them beauties, a '54 Corvette a '63 Stingray the first year for that lots from the 30's and 40's it's a lot of fun for everybody, free.  Also in the Riverside is the Watch Store which has been featured on network TV it claims to be the biggest watch store in the world most of them $20 and during the Watch Store's 20 years of existence every so often they salt a Rolex in amongst the $20 watches and if come upon it you can buy it for $20, they've given away 12 Rolex's in this manner and the last time was a year ago this past May so......  In the Riverside Buffet the pork ribs are so tender the meat is falling off the bone. At the end of a few days you haven't spent much and have had a wonderful time.  Buster Posey is on past week's SI Cover as the best player in baseball he lost most of last year to a broken leg I don't see how anybody can be a catcher and still hit it's so dangerous and exhausting.  Mike Scioscia was the catcher for the Dodgers for 12 years and was on 2 World Series Champions and then another as the longest tenured manager in baseball with the Angels, Scioscia was known for giving in to no one I remember after one collision Scioscia was laying there unconscious and the baserunner was laying there with a broken nose.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

good talk

Malta my 109th bought a ticket to Athens for 200 U.S. total at an agency used it the same day. I've been to Athens a zillion times it's always beyond great but only there so I could advance northward.  Very safe people seem downtrodden.  Had decent cheap lodging at Omonoia Square where even the Commies have abandoned their longtime headquarters. Went to the fabled Archeological Museum closed my last 2 visits due to the Greeks' Sloth and saw my old friends the bronze statue of Zeus pulled from the sea, 5th cent. B.C. and the marble statue of the wounded Gallic Warrior able to defend himself for the instant, 1st cent. B.C.  Climbed to the Acropolis and saw the perfections (Lord Elgin did the world a favor by taking the Marbles to the British Museum where they've been safe).  The "New Acropolis Museum," 2009 is real fab. Took the bus to Tirana, Albania glad to leave on May 1 as everything closed.  Beautiful scenery buses are always cheap and I often prefer them to trains anyway.  Been to Albania before pop. 3 mil, Tirana founded by the Ottoman Turks in 1614 half Moslem half Orthodox today.  Albania ruled by Communist leader Enver Hoxha from 1944 to 1985 and closed off from the rest of the world until 1989. Took bus to Durres on the Adriatic Sea Albania's 2nd City founded in the 7th cent. by the Greeks it became a very important port of Rome's.  The amphitheatre from 2nd cent. A.D. sat 20 thou only excavated in the 1960's it's basically unrestored and a lot of fun to walk around within.          

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You people set a record for pageviews of my Blog recently every one is seen by many, you like me you really like me.  When I was in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades I always had a pocketknife on me and would hone the blade on the outside of the building at lunch times have changed for the worse.  A hotel chain in France is Mister Bed.  I was just watching "Dragnet" on TV when Jack Webb died the next day the LAPD flew its flags at half-mast.  "America's Most Wanted" was the only TV series I made it a point to watch, thanks John.  So sorry about Randy Travis "I Told You So" is one of my favorite songs.  Going to see the Padres play the Giants I like day games a bratwurst at the ballpark is better than steak at the Ritz. I donated blood yet again for the umpteenth time they consider me to have rare blood and cut my pint 6 ways and give it to Preemies everyone should help others.  Throughout the Country only 6% of the adults give blood mainly due to Fear (?)  however amongst the TV Media it's a mere 2% being so craven is a serious problem (go see the Wizard).                                        

Sunday, July 7, 2013

good talkI

I just re-read my Brother Bob's article on Jeff Buxton in the Oct., 2012 "Amateur Wrestling News" the content is real good to those many of you men possessing weak minds or possessed by them it'll make them a little stronger.  I flew Las Vegas to Gatwick Airport, London on British Airways and then flew Air Malta to Malta. Strangely I know 3 guys who've been there.  Malta is 121 sq. mi. (like 11 miles by 11 miles) and very densely populated with 450 thou. Under many it became British in 1800 heavily bombed by the Italians in WW II (2nd Siege of Malta) it gained Independence in 1964.  It consists of Malta, capital Valletta, which is packed with English tourists and quite upscale though not too expensive full of goodlooking girls both English and Maltese and a frenetic nightlife. Nearby Gozo is a lot more relaxed the 3rd island is little Comino.  With Aagar Qim and Mnajdra on Malta and Ggantija on Gozo you have the 3 oldest freestanding structures in the world built 4000 to 3500 B.C. to walk around in them is very exciting.  The Tarxien Temples are also real interesting from around 2500 B.C., the St. John's Co-Cathedral Museum is very impressive and has 2 major works by Caravaggio who painted on Malta for 15 months and the Archeological Museum is real fine.                                                         

good talk

I don't know why the TV Media reads my Blog as I never have a good word about them they're out to lunch.  This hijacking of Evo Morales' plane to Vienna and Morales' kidnapping by the U.S. for 14 hours is a tremendous violation of Bolivia's sovereignty.  The U.S. thinks the Latin American Countries are Wetbacks that they can treat any way they want.  That Commie Indian Morales seems like a likable Cuss and acts like Un Hombre in standing up to the United States.  The U.S. will never gets its slimey hands on Snowden (were I he I'd choose Venezuela or Bolivia either is good his other option isn't).  I'm envious of Ed's father it sure would be something to have a son like that (the U.S. is jumping up and down screaming We'll Get You....)  Lance Armstrong's "I am a flawed character" is a take-off on Bob's "I am a flawed man" Imitation is the height of Flattery.                     

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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Wheatfield With Crows