Monday, February 18, 2013

good talk

The Pope fell in his bathroom in Mexico last March hitting his head and bleeding profusely.  I've written about the danger of the Latin bathroom due to the slick stones making up the floor.  When I was in Cuba I went down just like that with my head hitting the floor with a loud Crack I bled like a stuck pig.  A friend of mine also fell in Mexico so be wary. Al the benevolent Landlord grad from Reno in Ind. Eng. (had been an officer in the 82nd Airborne for 6 years) and said of fellow alumni Colin Kaepernick he talks like he's from a Hispanic Ghetto.  Marion Motley who later starred for the Browns played for Reno (from Canton McKinley who as late as 1998 won the Mythical High School Championship in Football, a public school doing this).  This was during WW II and while driving in California Marion was in an accident that was fatal to the other driver who did sound as though he was partially at fault reflecting the Wartime Attitude in the newspaper account I read Marion was referred to as the Negro Athlete while the dead guy was referred to as "an Old Jap."  

good talk

You People think I'm your Father I'm moved.  Many of the TV Media are Evil-Looking the face they chose.  The Media jumped on Rubio for his awkward grasping of his water bottle maybe he was thirsty you can't breathe without the Media criticizing you.  Wrestling has been in the Olympics since the lst (been to Olympia) in 708 B.C.  This past Olympics they showed a superlot of Beach Volleyball anybody who'd watch that maybe they should be called The Mindless Pap for the Unwashed Masses Games. At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Alexander Karelin went for his 4th Consecutive Gold Medal at Superheavyweight in Roman-Greco Wrestling.  The Russian hadn't lost in International Competition in 13 years having a Doctorate in Physical Education and able to carry a refrigerator up 7 flights of stairs Alexander said What I can't get for myself my Reputation gets for me. Karelin met Rulon Gardner of the USA in the Finals and did lose now this was Alexander's 3rd Match of the Day and Rulon's 2nd Match of the Day it would have seemed as though they could have scheduled this better to make it fair.  Alexander retired immediately and got on with his life ever since being a Member of the Russian Parliament, the Duma.                                              

good talk

In 2012 Ted Kaczynski updated his bio for his Harvard Class of 1962's 50th Reunion putting down for Awards, Eight Life Sentences....The Harvard Alumni Association lists him as a Colorado resident.  When Ted was 6 months old he had a terrible case of Hives and was put in Isolation in the Hospital for great lengths his Mother said that upon release her baby was "unresponsive."  One of the brighter people in the Country Ted was the youngest professor ever at Cal-Berkeley a hotbed of Mathematics.  A 3rd Generation Catholic Polish-American who became an Atheist, looks like a typical Pollack. From 1978 to 1995 Ted bombed with impunity laughing at the Federal Authorities feeble efforts to stop him (Oh who is this Baddie won't he please stop) as dumb as they were and are that is pretty funny. Finally in 1996 his brother turned him in.  As dumb as they are the FBI can't catch a cold that 9-ll would occur a few years later was inevitable.  Ted now "70" has been locked up at Supermax in Colorado for 17 years 23 hours a day in a 8xl0 foot cell should Dr. Kaczynski be treated this way?  This coming Christmas I might send Ted a Card sometimes I like the Bad Boys.  If you'd like to send Ted something that he might be interested in:  No. 04475-046, US Penitentiary-Max, P.O. Box 8500, Florence, CO  8126-8500                                           

Monday, February 11, 2013

good talk

I can never buy anything on the 'Net as there's people in my machine all the time and it's costing me money, just now.  Telling the Truth what I find to be so easy and pleasurable is for the TV Media like climbing Mt. Everest (I've seen the top flew past) what kind of families do they come from (their parents sent them out to steal and beat them if they were caught). Cars today are too small, ugly or both, I just went out with a friend, Chris, a Heavy Equipment Mechanic who made big money until they stopped building to see a Merc V-8 (I couldn't care less about gas) and it was beautiful but Chris misses nothing and we walked--away.  If you have an opportunity for Chris leave a Comment and make yourselves of rare value.  That Superbowl Commercial with that Israeli Model liplocking that hefty guy was low-rated but I thought it was pretty good their faces were so scrunched together I couldn't tell if they were swapping spit.  You should put in a good word for me I think she'd like me.                                                        

good talk

As Romney pointed out Obama won the election by votes from people given entitlements who aren't entitled to anything at least in this country, Mitt was coming on and might have had it except that he had to stand around for 3 days at the end for Sandy.  That Barry won with bought votes is not to be argued and is a lot more raunchy than when Chicago Ward-Healers would bring around buckets of coal so that people would vote Democratic.  People used to be a lot more happy with a lot less and respected their avuncular Uncle Sam.  Charles Bronson was from Pennsylvania Coal Country and had worked in the mines in 1943 he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and was an aerial gunner in the Pacific being awarded a Purple Heart.  Later he recounted the Army was the best thing that ever happened to me I slept good, I ate good (when Jim Brown first went to Hollywood he met Charles and said in "Ring" you could tell that he thought that he knew how to fight I don't know if he could or not you could tell that he thought he could, whaddayathink).  Years ago I read about some guy who had died who when he drafted for WW II fainted from hunger while getting his Physical and when they brought him a ham sandwich burst into tears that they would do this for him.  Later successful when he died he left his money and house in Beverly Hills to the Federal Government.  Nobody today likes or has any respect for the Federal Government not even these Foreign Leeches who are showered with Largesse even to these it's the Government Beast.           

Monday, February 4, 2013

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If the TV Media would tell the Truth what they allege to be doing they'd have no problems (Creepy Folk) but the Truth is Anathema.  Zero Dark Thirty is real good however there's never any excuse for Torture on the other hand look at what the Moslems do to us in that Video Nick Weber didn't act like he wanted to get his head cut off.  Assistant Scoutmaster has always been a Dodge for Sick Men who want to be around boys. Back in Ohio "Rex" lived in our apartment building and had so many worries you almost forgot that he was Gay, I liked Rex.  I heard in Passing that Rex had become an Assistant Scoutmaster then I heard that some Kid's older brother was after him for something he had done soon after Rex moved out possibly for this reason.  Now you're going to have a Mad Rush of Them and the Boy Scouts will quickly fall apart. I liked that TV Commercial where Jerry Ford was in a Scout Uniform and said you could be President and Hank Aaron was also in a Scout Uniform and said you could hit 714 Home Runs.  Sam Walton was an Eagle Scout he was an Eagle Scout at everything he touched.  I'm not at all Anti-Gay I've liked a number of them I've known I only think that their Influence should be Limited where it is not Apropos.         


Dave Rice is the successful UNLV basketball coach in his 2nd year where he played and was an assistant for 11 years.   Basically a 6th man Dave was on the 1989-1990 NCAA Champion his last year was 1990-1991 and in his last home game Tark started all 6 seniors taking the "T."  All the Kickers are White Today's Black Guys think they're too good to kick a football.  Akron's Gene Mingo went to Akron South and entered the pros after playing Service Ball in the Marines (I've often thought I knew how to read and do math good by 6th Grade so who needs college)  and was the lst and about the only Black Kicker in the AFL and NFL.  Gene led the Denver Broncos to the AFL's lst win by scoring on a punt return against the Patriots this was 1960 and Mingo led the AFL in Scoring by running it in from his halfback position catching TD passes throwing TD passes and kicking field goals and he sold popcorn.  He also led the League in Scoring in 1962.  Mingo had an illustrious and long career from 1960-1970.  Akron has always been sort of a Backwater but has turned out some individuals (me).  Gene is still with us at "74" and still holds the Broncos' Record of 82 yards for the longest run from scrimmage.