Tuesday, September 21, 2010

good talk

You're Dragging Me Down With You. On February 26, 1993 Moslem Terrorists Set Off a big bomb in the Basement of the World Trade Center Killing 6 and Injuring Over A Thousand. Shortly After I Was Watching "Entertainment Tonight" and Saw an Old Friend of Mine, Curt, Being Interviewed Lengthily by John Tesh with Curt's Profile Covering a Wall. Apparently Curt had been in the World Trade Center Seeing Customers when the bomb went off and he Led People to Safety Down the Stairs with the Light from his Watch Illuminating their Escape of all things. I had gone to a Lavish Pigroast at Curt's Place in Scottsdale and a while afterwards he was Mad at Me and Shaking his Head Saying I'm Sorry I Invited You to My Party, I said I Brought a Case of Beer. I Can Go Anywhere If I Have a Case of Beer, No Doors Are Closed to Me. The People who Died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 had been Very Foolish to Work There after this Good Attempt to Destroy It. I Never Would have thought Well, That's that, the Government Has Everything Under control, the Government has Nothing Under Control then or now. To a Large Extent those Unfortunates Threw Their Lives Away. 14 Years ago there was Little to See in Nicaragua or El Salvador but Good to go there Anyway. You can go See Lake Managua outside the Capitol, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Swim in It and Grow another Arm. Oscar Romero (1917 to 1980) showed Great Aptitude as a Carpenter and his Father Wanted Him to Pursue this Occupation but Oscar Felt a Calling to the Priesthood and was Ordained in Rome on April 24, 1942. Considered a Conservative Oscar Romero was Appointed Archbishop of El Salvador on February 23, 1977. On March 12, 1977 Romero's friend the Jesuit Priest Rutilio Grande was assassinated for Organizing the Poor, the Campesinos and Speaking out against the Government. Archbishop Romero said ".....When I Looked at Rutilio lying there dead... I Thought I too Have to Walk the Same Path." There was no Government Investigation and the Censored Press Remained Silent (like today in this country). Romero spoke out against the Government's Oppression of the Poor, he Criticized the U.S. for giving Military Aid to El Salvador and Spoke against Persecution of the Church. On March 24, 1980 While Celebrating Mass in a Hospital Chapel and Having Spoken to the El Salvadoran Soldiers in a Sermon the Previous Day Entreating them as Christians to Cease Repression of the People, Oscar Romero was Shot to Death by a Junta Death Squad as he Elevated the Chalice at the End of the Eucharistic Rite his Blood Spilling over the Altar. On March 30, 1980 250 Thousand People Attended Archbishop Romero's Funeral with Government Soldiers Shooting to Death 30 to 50 of Them, his Body was Interred in the Cathedral with Gunfire Crackling in the Background, Oscar Romero could well be Canonized Some Day.

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