Tuesday, October 5, 2010

good talk

As I've Been Avoiding the TV Media Recently I've Become a lot happier. If They All Jumped Off a Building the World Would be Better for It. I've Been to Australia twice and have been all Over It. I've toured the Sydney Opera House with its Pleasing Exterior although its Acoustics aren't even Close to Being the Best. I've been to Melbourne, Adelaide, a 2-Day Bus Trip to Perth where I Saw a Great Andy Warhol Exhibit, I've bee n to the Andy Warhol Museum in beautiful Pittsburg twice, I love that Stuff, the Glamour, the Soup Cans. One of the Paintings in Pittsburg was done with Cow Dung Painted Over, it was Pretty Good. Next door to Perth is Freemantle which is Quite Nice as all of the aforementioned Were as Well. I've been to Alice Springs in the Red Center (about all of Australia is Desert with Some Big Cities on the Coasts) and I've been to Ayers Rock. I Rode in on the Bus to the Place where you Stay for the night and arrange to Climb Ayers Rock. I Stayed in a Motel there and Ate at the this Huge Place Everybody eats at. For 12 U.S. they Give you 3 Big Strips of Crocodile, Emu and Kangaroo and tell you to Barbecue it on the Barby which I did Quite Well plus there's lots of Great Side Dishes included in the Buffet for this Price, had you Foodeaters been there you could have Joined In. At Dawn I Rode Out to Climb Ayers Rock. Called Uluru by the Aborigines it's Sacred to them, one of the Oldest Rocks in the World, and they Ask You Not to Climb It. It's 2381 Feet High and 9.4 Kilometers in Circumference. The Aborigines think that Dreams are Reality and even when Given Free Housing Usually Prefer to Sleep Outdoors to Commune with Nature. I didn't want to Hurt Anybody's Feeling but I Climbed Ayers Rock anyway. Soft Sandstone, it's easy to Climb, I did it in 1 Hour, the Average Time, if you can't do it inside 1 Hour 20 Minutes you can't do it. It's Very Windy especially at the top and 35 People Have been Killed Climbing It. Supposedly a New Zealand Farmer did it in 12 Minutes running all the Way to the Top. hell of a Man. I then Went to Cairns where I Scuba Dived for my Only Time, I Dove 3 of the 4 Main Sites of the Great Barrier Reef all Strangley Associated with the Battle of Hastings. I then Went to Brisbane. During WW II there were a Million American Servicemen in East Australia and tensions Arose between the American and Australian Servicemen. The Australians then and now are Infamous for their Horrible Personalities, not all are like this but Most Are. By the end of the Day You've been Insulted Several Times. The American Servicement were Payed Much more than the Australians and the Australians Resented This. The Girls found the American Servicemen to be Much More Attractive with their Outgoing Personalites and Pretty Accents and Happy to Spend their Money on a Good Time. The Australian Girls Regarded the Australian Servicemen as the Same Dour Joe Blokes they had Unfortunately Become Used to. The Australians's Anger over the Americans Ability to get the Girls and their Freespending Ways came to a Head on November 26 and November 27, 1942 when thousands of American and Ausralians Servicement Street-Fought each other for these 2 Days with Hundreds of Injuries many of them Serious and with 1 Australian being Killed. The American who killed him stood Court Martial for Manslaughter but was Acquited for Self-Defense. This was Called "the Battle of Brisbane," and News Accounts were kept from the American Public (We're Fighting our own Allies?). A Friend of Mine just Moved to Delaware to Work in the Gambling Industry and he's Eager to See if he can Register to Vote so that he can Vote for Christine O'Donnell. All of the Guys want to Vote for the Witch Chick, she's Cast a Spell over Them for Halloween plus 2-----Eyes of the Bats, Horns of the Goats, Rustle Me Up A Lotta Votes

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