Sunday, October 21, 2012

good talk

Regarding Sandra Fluke my surname means "Prussian" I guess hers means fluke (a parasitic worm).  Theodore Roosevelt was the only President whose full name began and ended with the same letter mine does. I'm not watching the Presidential Debates as I might influence something (I broke McKayla's Concentration and ruined her life hopefully the Poor Child will forgive me Some Day). I was given 2 Tickets for Gerry McCambridge's "The Mentalist" Show in an Intimate Showroom and I thought that Gerry was very humorous and talented it was quite a treat.  I've never seen his TV Show as my Curiosity about other Psychics is almost None.  Those people who help to solve Murders are very good but that's nothing that I want for myself (I can feel him getting his throat cut he's making gurgling sounds). There's many different types of Intelligence and I'm very happy with what I can do.  I went to the Library once to research my Ability in Others I didn't find anything. I don't think the ending in "Argo" could have been that close as the Iranians could have sent a Fighter Jet up to force the Swiss Air plane down.  This Operation Saved 6 People from One Year's Captivity while putting their Lives at Great Risk.  You People are Easily Impressed you Hear about Some Guy who Eats Lunch Every Day and Exclaim He Goes Out to Lunch Every Day.