Saturday, February 13, 2010

gpod talk

Diana West Claims That "Fox News" is Told What to Say or Not to Say by Saudi Arabia, Everybody Has Bought Them Off, Mouths for Sale. I've Donated Blood Thrice Since I Last Mentioned It, They Consider Me to Have "Rare" Blood and Cut My Pint 6 Ways and Give It to Preemies, If You Can Do Something for Somebody You Should Just Pitch In and Do It. The American National Media Wonders Why Somebody Would Think That Way. In Las Vegas 2% of the Adults Donate Blood, It's 5% Throughout the Country, in the Midwest It's 10%. I Notice that in the NFL 90% of the Quarterbacks are White, Almost All the Centers Are White, Every One of the Kickers and Punters are White, the NFL is Saying That a Play is No Good Unless a White Guy Gets His Hands (foot) on the Ball First, Our Black Brothers Should Demand an Investigation. I Saw Joe Hipp Fight 4 times in the late 80's and early 90's as a Heavyweight Boxer. A Blackfoot Indian from Washington State, Hipp was a Big, Fat Guy Who Fought Out of a Lefthanded Stance and Wore a Knee Brace. In One of These Boxing Magazines I Buy It Said "....Hipp Looks Like He Trains In a Cake Factory...." I Saw Him Fight 3 Times on the Undercard and Once as the Main Bout and He Always Won. He'd Be Fighting These Real Cut Black Guys and He Always Beat Them, He'd Be Talking to Them. When Hipp Fought Tommy Morrison in a Major Heavyweight Fight in Reno on June 27, 1992, Morrison, a "White Hope," Was on Steroids. They Didn't Start Testing for Steroids Until a Few Years Later. Hipp Would Have Tested Positive for Gravy. Morrison Was Cheating and This Was a Huge Disadvantage for Joe Hipp. It Was a Really Good Fight Nonetheless (free on Network TV) although Morrison Won by 9th Round TKO he Suffered a Broken Jaw and Broke Both His Hands on Hipp's Hard Head. In 19997 Hipp Was the First Native American to Fight for a Heavyweight Championship Losing to Bruce Seldon at the MGM in Las Vegas on August 19, 1995 for the WBA Share on a 10th Round TKO. Joe Hipp Ended His Career With a Very Good Record of 43-7. The Last Time I Saw Hipp Fight They Said in the Paper That He Had Had Done Exercises and Burned the Fat Off Him, He Had Had His Knee Fixed and Other Physical Improvements, It Was Almost as Though They Were Saying He Had Become Another Person. I Went to See Him at Bally's, He Looked the Same to Me. A Limited Fighter Who Brawled and Could Hit Hard and Who Put Everything He Had Into It, I'll Always Have a Soft Spot for the Chief.