Saturday, February 27, 2010

good talk

Julia Mancuso had good reason to be unhappy about the organization of the running of the Giant Slalom. Why would they be having her go down the course if Lindsey Vonn was still on it? Her father has gone to prison twice for moving large quantities of drugs. Rachael Flatt is originally from Del Mar and began skating at the ice rink at University Town Centre Mall in La Jolla where I've been too many times to count. There's a real good chance that I saw her there, they have all these fast food places high above the rink, I never thought that any of the skaters looked that good but it gave me something to look at while I ate. Doug Fieger died recently at "57." The singer and rhythm guitarist for "The Knack," who had a Number One for 6 Weeks in 1979 with "My Sharona." "Oo My Little Pretty One, Pretty One..." A catchy tune with lyrics that are more than suggestive, Sharona Alperin is a successful real-estate agent in L.A. I really have a lot of tension in me due to the corrupt American national media, I hope you're happy. Feel a lot better once I hit the air. Back in Ohio in my youth I was in the habit of watching Canadian League Football on Wednesday nights with my brothers and some other guys at my parents' house. I'd drink 2 quarts of Colt .45 Malt Liquor and after awhile I'd be seeing double (I was too young to know better, "20"). The last time I did this I heard a faint chirp behind me, I looked and our parakeet, Pretty Boy, was on top of his cage smiling at me because he could see my state. If you've got some guy who's a bird laughing at you then you know things aren't going well.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

good talk

The Moslem Countries Are All Poor Countries Full of Fruitcakes With Nothing Better to Do Than Blow Themselves Up. My Father Would Have Been a Hundred Tomorrow, My Mother Would Have Been "91" Last September. I'm Going Out to See the "Coyotes" of the College of Southern Nevada Play Baseball Today. They Feature Bryce Harper Who Was On the Cover of "Sports Illustrated" For Their Number One Ranked Team. Only "17" and Skipping His Last 2 Years of High School Bryce Projects as the First Draft Pick for 2010. His Raw Left-Handed Power is the Best Ever Seen in Someone His Age. A Real Nice Kid Who Comes From a Good Family, He Had an "A" in Both His First Semester Courses and One of Those Was "Computers." 6 Years Ago Matt Bush Was the First Pick in the Draft and I Saw Him Play as a Junior and Senior. The Pressure is Great Once They Give You 3 Mil to Sign and Matt Washed Out of Baseball in Large Part Due to Alcoholism. The Statler Brothers in "the Class of '57 Had It's Dreams" Have a Line, "...Sometimes Things Get Complicated When You Get Past 18..." Hopefully Bryce Will Do Better, Matt Has Been in Rehab and Should Have Something of his Bonus Left, All the Best to these Young Fellows. The Mickey Mantle 1951 Rookie Card Sells for So Much , Nordic Looking, Splendid Youth.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

gpod talk

Diana West Claims That "Fox News" is Told What to Say or Not to Say by Saudi Arabia, Everybody Has Bought Them Off, Mouths for Sale. I've Donated Blood Thrice Since I Last Mentioned It, They Consider Me to Have "Rare" Blood and Cut My Pint 6 Ways and Give It to Preemies, If You Can Do Something for Somebody You Should Just Pitch In and Do It. The American National Media Wonders Why Somebody Would Think That Way. In Las Vegas 2% of the Adults Donate Blood, It's 5% Throughout the Country, in the Midwest It's 10%. I Notice that in the NFL 90% of the Quarterbacks are White, Almost All the Centers Are White, Every One of the Kickers and Punters are White, the NFL is Saying That a Play is No Good Unless a White Guy Gets His Hands (foot) on the Ball First, Our Black Brothers Should Demand an Investigation. I Saw Joe Hipp Fight 4 times in the late 80's and early 90's as a Heavyweight Boxer. A Blackfoot Indian from Washington State, Hipp was a Big, Fat Guy Who Fought Out of a Lefthanded Stance and Wore a Knee Brace. In One of These Boxing Magazines I Buy It Said "....Hipp Looks Like He Trains In a Cake Factory...." I Saw Him Fight 3 Times on the Undercard and Once as the Main Bout and He Always Won. He'd Be Fighting These Real Cut Black Guys and He Always Beat Them, He'd Be Talking to Them. When Hipp Fought Tommy Morrison in a Major Heavyweight Fight in Reno on June 27, 1992, Morrison, a "White Hope," Was on Steroids. They Didn't Start Testing for Steroids Until a Few Years Later. Hipp Would Have Tested Positive for Gravy. Morrison Was Cheating and This Was a Huge Disadvantage for Joe Hipp. It Was a Really Good Fight Nonetheless (free on Network TV) although Morrison Won by 9th Round TKO he Suffered a Broken Jaw and Broke Both His Hands on Hipp's Hard Head. In 19997 Hipp Was the First Native American to Fight for a Heavyweight Championship Losing to Bruce Seldon at the MGM in Las Vegas on August 19, 1995 for the WBA Share on a 10th Round TKO. Joe Hipp Ended His Career With a Very Good Record of 43-7. The Last Time I Saw Hipp Fight They Said in the Paper That He Had Had Done Exercises and Burned the Fat Off Him, He Had Had His Knee Fixed and Other Physical Improvements, It Was Almost as Though They Were Saying He Had Become Another Person. I Went to See Him at Bally's, He Looked the Same to Me. A Limited Fighter Who Brawled and Could Hit Hard and Who Put Everything He Had Into It, I'll Always Have a Soft Spot for the Chief.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

good talk

I've Now Put In 20 Hours Carrying That Sign and That'll Do the Trick, I Did This On the Road Leading To and From the Airport for Dissemination Throughout the Country. The Pompous and Corrupt American National Media Will See Who Laughs Last. 30 Years Ago Last July I Arrived in San Diego For the First Time and I Also Went to Tijuana Which I Had Always Heard About. It Was Sunday and This is When They Have the Bullfights and I Bought a Ticket. When I Was Walking Around in Downtown TJ On My Way to the Bullring I Passed A Guy Who Asked Me If I Wanted to Buy "Spanish Fly." I Said No Thank You. But He Seemed to Think That I Did Want It But At a Lower Price and He Followed Me For a Bit, This Enterprising Chap Suggested I Drop It In a Girl's Drink. Once In the Bullring I Sat Down and Asked the Mexican Next to Me "They're Not Going to Kill Any of These Bulls Are They?" He Replied "Six Bulls Must Die." I Told This To My Older Brother Bob and He Smilingly Said, As Though He Had a Grudge Against Them. There's Six Bulls and Three Matadors and Each Does Two Bulls in Succession, the Format Is Always the Same. 13 Years Ago I Was In Mexico City and I Went to the Plaza Mexico Because It's the Biggest Bullring in the World (48,000). For a Daring Move They Yell "Ole," For a Particularly Risky Posture They Yell "Bravo.' The 3rd Bull Was Less than a Clearn Kill and I Looked Up At the Sky Thinking What Am I Doing Here?" The Same Matador Did the 4th Bull and Was Flung Up in the Air But Landed Unhurt With Only His Clothing Torn. The Tortured Bull Is Slobbering, He's Urinating. When I Was "21" I Went to "Blossom Center" to See "Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass," One of the Big Groups of That Time, a Lot of Cleveland People Go There, Some of You Have Been There. One of Their Signature Instrumentals Was "The Lonely Bull" and That Captures the Moment. Were the Bull As Fresh As the Matador Half the Time There'd Be a Different Outcome.