Tuesday, August 9, 2011

good talk

I just finished Charles Bukowski's "Ham on Rye," his autobiographical novel up to "21," he led a sad life most lives are this. "Barfly" from 1987 with Mickey Rourke was based on Bukowski's drunkenness and brawling. That helicopter that was just shot down killing all those Americans was of course an illustration of this dumb war with some Raghead shooting down the 15 mil helicopter and killing all those guys with his $50 weapon. They have a "Seals Fund" of all things where we can contribute money for those guys' families why would anybody do that as the federal government will supply a huge amount of money and benefits to each of those families. Another huge federal expenditure. Those guys aren't heroes they're suckers you silly twits. A friend of mine was drafted during the Vietnam War and since he drove long-haul they thought he'd be good to be the driver for a 2 Star General. Part of the General's duties were to attend the funerals of soldiers killed in Vietnam and thank their widows for their husband's sacrifice. Cary said that there were a lot of girls who had just gotten 20 thou and a slew, no pun, of benefits who weren't all that upset (life must go on). The General himself said they don't care. This General's main duty was to send soldiers to Vietnam and Cary said that once the General was standing and talking with a full Colonel when all at once the Colonel flung himself down on his knees and said I'm Begging You Not to Send Me to Vietnam. The General said I send 20-year old boys why wouldn't I send you, and walked away. Cary said that the General's girl secretary also saw this. Now had this Colonel been sent to Vietnam he wouldn't have been in any danger just safely in the rear he didn't want his opulent lifestyle Stateside to end. No wonder that thing didn't turn out well. The Korean War started on my 3rd Birthday and we've been at war for about my life all I know is war. The last declared war was WW II hence all these other wars since have been unconstitutional. This one now goes on and on it's already 3 times as long as WW II. War is no glorious thing you people go to war at the drop of a hat you're bloodthirsty. It's the mob mentality I could see a hundred of you chasing some man down the street screaming Kill Him, Kill Him. Barry's going to have a hard time getting reelected what with this bad economy. The roots of this economy are in Bush's reign and Barry has actually done a pretty good job under the circumstance. Certainly he's been a very good example of what a Black Man should aspire to. Many American Black Men laze around on drugs fathering illegitimate children, many of the jobs that Black People get are of their own making, social worker, prison guard. The Heavyweight Championship in Boxing has always been the most prized title in all of Sport and was almost the exclusive domain of American Blacks but for the past decade and this will continue it's been these Eastern Europeans who have dominated with no Black American challenging at all. This is because American Black Men no longer have the will and discipline to attain such lofty goals, it's too bad, Jack Johnson is turning in his grave.

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Getting your brains beaten into jelly is a lofty goal, while attaining the office of the Presidency isn't?

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