Tuesday, December 27, 2011

good talk

I had been to Seattle before a real nice place with a lot of that Microsoft money scattered downtown I was in their beautiful new library. I was in the first Starbucks still existing which will excite (caffeine jolt) those like myself. Pike Place Market is unique with those guys expertly throwing big fish around without smacking the onlookers. I saw the Mariners play the Rangers at SAFECO Field cold as heck in early May even with the retractable roof closed one side is open. There's something on the History Channel about Port Wine. 32 years ago I was in Porto, Portugal where the grapes you buy in a store are so sugar-laden that after you eat them you have to wash your lips off with hot soapy water. I bought a couple bottles of vintage Port Wine and took them back to the States giving one to my older brother Bob in Cleveland and opening the other after I drove to the West Coast it tasted like Mad Dog. I saw Puss In Boots at "Tropicana Cinemas" at Trop and Pecos (buck fifty) enjoyable for all kids. I belonged to the Cat Lovers Club until it caved in after the death of our very capable President. One of her buddies and a member was Bill Bennett the Casino Mogul and Bill gave us money in 10 thou increments which was spent quickly as we'd give free shots and neuter to anybody's cat we minored in dogs, we only allowed loving people to adopt our stray cats. One of the Club Trustees was Rex Bell the Clark County District Attorney at that time who passed away recently at "76." As an Assistant District Attorney Rex never lost a case his Mom was Silent Screen Legend Clara Bow.

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