Sunday, June 20, 2010

good talk

I See Where Obama Ran Over to See Stephen Strasburg Pitch, Who Wouldn't Want to See That. I Saw Nolan Ryan Pitch a Complete Game Shutout of the White Sox When He Pitched for the Texas Rangers, This Was the 2nd to Last Year of his Career and He Was "45." He Seemed More Supple Than Others, On His Windup His Knee Was in Front of His Mouth. When Ryan Pitched for the Angels His Catcher had a Sponge in His Glove. Our Parakeet, Pretty Boy, Was a Very Wise Bird. And Very Bright, When He Was "3" and Middle-Aged I Taught Him How to Speak, I'd Say a Phrase a Few Times a Day for 2 Weeks and He'd Be Able to Say It As Well as I Could, Had Mighty Good Ears Too Wherever They Were. And Pretty Boy Loved People, He Thought Them Wonderful and Exciting, Whoever Was Around He'd Land on Their Shoulder and Visit for Awhile. He Could Say About 20 Phrases Such as...Pretty Boy is a Blue Bird....He's a Pretty Boy...Big, Bad, Bird. When Our Parents Retired to San Antonio Pretty Boy Stayed With Me for 2 or 3 Weeks Until My Brother Bob Could Move Him from Akron Up to Cleveland to Live With Him. One Day I Bought an Apple Specificall so that I Could Give Him a Slice and When He Saw Me Approach His Cage He Gave a Chirp of Excitement. I Put the Slice Up High For Him and He Didn't Notice When it Fell to the Bottom of His Cage. I Raised My Voice Saying, Yes, That's Where the Apple is Stupid. I Thought What Are You Doing Yelling at a Bird. Hardly the Type of Bird to Allow Himself to be Treated That Way, Later that Evening I Fell Asleep in Front of the TV and He Was Outraged by the Sight, Not Only Had I Yelled At Him that Afternoon But I Was Doing What He Wanted to Do But Couldn't Because His Cage Door was Open, There Was No Cover Over his Cage and the Lights Were On. I Woke Up to Find Pretty Boy Walking Angrily Across My Bare Chest Left to Right, His Feathers Were Slicked Down and He Was Making Angry Sounds. He Stopped When he was Almost to the End of My Chest and Stood Up and Looked Me in the Eye. I Started Moving to "Put Him in Bed" and He Flew to His Cage Door and Entered Knowing This. A Little While Later He Moved Up to My Brother Bob's in Cleveland, Well, He Had Rebelled Against My Regime Setting Himself Up as the Boss in Our Domicile, Up in Cleveland There Was a More Natural Flow to Things of Two Happy Bachelors.

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