Tuesday, June 27, 2017

good talk

Sometimes, in Western Europe, I'll stay in a hostel, to save on expense, and, you can meet people, say, girls.  I did this in Paris, I was there on Sunday, May 7, when they had their Presidential Election, with absolutely no excitement, from talking to people, I knew Macron would win, I wouldn't have guessed by that much.  I stayed in an 8-person room, both sexes, but different bathrooms, down the hall.  There was an American girl, Sally, "25", she looked younger, in there, a RN, she was a beautiful, natural-blonde.  Soon, after meeting, I told her, you're very good-looking. And she was a good-dresser, both casual, and to go out.  Sally had 3 weeks vacation, and was making the most of it, she had been in London, and I don't know where else.  She was sort-of Country, and to be in Paris for the first-time was a big-thing to her.  The previous-year she had been in Thailand.  She worked with Preemies, which is intensive-care, and high-tension, and she was in there 2 of the 3 days I was there, going-out to see the sights, and seemingly sleeping 10 hours a day.  Sally was so enthralled with the Eiffel Tower that she went up it during the day, returning at night so she could see it lit.  On the last morning of her vacation, she finally got-up to go to breakfast, as she had to fly-out that afternoon, back to the States.  Sally was a loner, but in a good-way, I liked her, and the woman, Asian, about 5 ft. (Sally was 5'7.5"), she went to breakfast with, liked her, she was trying to give her things.  This was the last-morning of her vacation, and in talking to me, I was in a lower-bunk and she was in an upper, across the room, seemingly up on her perch, and she was coming-apart.  She said that she worked with these grungy old doctors, who made her work a 13 hour shift, then she got 11 hours off, then she had to return to work yet another shift, it sounded dreadful.  What Sally wanted to do was keep-on seeing the sights and being up on her perch, knocking-off Z's.  I said, I'm sorry, doll, I wish I could help...   Had this been, instead of me, any male-member of the American Media, it would have gone-differently, she would have awakened with him, naked, a-top her  ...I saw the way you looked at me, I know what you want...   ...You're Insane!...  ...Get away from me, you filthy beast (she screams)...                                                                                                      

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