Monday, July 3, 2017

good talk

4th of July, bye and bye, heh.  Most of my Hits, a ton, are from Russia (their minds are in the gutter), so pay-me, Vlad, you swinish old bastard.  Us boxing-fans had a real-treat on Sat. Nite, with the Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn, WBO Welterweight Championship on the ESPN.  What a robbery, the Australian, Horn, only connected on 15% of his punches, before 55 thou, at Brisbane, called the "Battle of Brisbane" in remembrance of the actual (See My Blog for Oct. 5, 2010).  It looks bad for the home-country, for a foreign-contestant to be so blatantly "jobbed".  Like when Germany's Axel Schulz fought George Foreman at the MGM on April 22, 1995, seen on the HBO, for the first 6 rounds it was even, the last 6, Axel punched George's eyes out, when the decision was announced, the people of Bad Saarow, who were watching in the wee hours in the town-square, pelted the screen.  Before he became Muhammad Ali, he was Cassius Clay, 18-0, and fighting British journeyman Henry Cooper (May 3, 1934 to May 1, 2011), (55-14-1), at Wembley on June 18, 1963, before 35 thou, a prelude to his Heavyweight Championship Fight with Sonny Liston.  Prior to the contest, Cassius said that Henry was ...a bum... and no one to be concerned-with, Henry said that he didn't mind.  Towards the end of the 4th Round, Henry, known for his left-hook, connected on Cassius' jaw, with a punch that Cassius later said ...My ancestors in Africa felt..., Cassius falling-into the ropes, and saved by the bell.  Cassius' trainer, Angelo Dundee, in violation of the rules, led Cassius back to his corner, and applied smelling-salts, also in violation, then he told the referee and judges that he had "discovered" a split in the right glove (Angelo later said, that he had created the split).  The time it took to put-on the new glove gave Cassius the opportunity to recover from the punch that had taken-him off his feet, and in the 5th Round, Cassius renewed, vigorously attacked, with the scar-tissue bursting-above both of Henry's eyes, the bout stopped at 2 mins. 15 secs.  Henry knocking-out Cassius would have been disastrous for Cassius' career, the last I heard, Sir 'Enery's gloves were hanging in a London pub beneath   These gloves didn't split                                                              

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