Sunday, March 19, 2017

good talk

Yesterday, I did Pilates with the other girls (ballerina crunches).  I've belonged to 24 Hour Fitness for almost 22 years, and since my old gym closed-down, I've been going to the SuperSport at 5035 W. Tropicana, in Las Vegas, 89103.  It's a real-nice facility, but the rule they have posted in Capitals on the wall in front of the free-weights isn't obeyed  DO NOT DROP THE WEIGHTS.  Weird-guys, none of whom are very-strong, try to get attention by dropping say, a barbell with 200 lbs. on it, from waist-level, and it produces a thunderous-crashing sound, which is very-bad for the Members' hearing, as well as being disruptive to their concentration.  This happens all the time, even tho I've sent a number of emails to the local headquarters concerning this gross-violation of their rules, it continues.  Instead of ordering the scum-management to abide by 24 Hour's posted-rule, they do nothing.  I've been in a lot of 24 Hour's Clubs over the years, and only at this SuperSport on Trop is dropping the weights allowed.  And, I've even written, sent thru the Post Office, a letter to 24 Hour's national-headquarters in Carlsbad, Ca., that their purported-purpose of uplifting the Members' wellbeing and their own rule, is being disregarded by those in charge of enforcement, this with no result.  So, they're all a bunch of dumb bastards

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