Sunday, March 5, 2017

good talk

Billy Cannon suffered a stroke a few years back, but is still at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, where he's the head of Dentistry, known to the inmates as "the Legend" (See My Blog for June 21, 2009).  Dr. Cannon's mention begs the question, can anyone today do the "Billy Cannon Double", that is, run a 9.4 100 Yards on a dirt and cinder track, and put the 16 lb. shot 54 feet, this he did as a college kid.  Billy is past his youth, and I don't think anyone today can do this.  Last year, I sent Scott a postcard from Mongolia, I put it in the postal employee's hand, he looked it over and nodded.  2 years ago, I sent Rev. Al, a Filipino minister friend of mine, a postcard from Israel, mailing it at the post office at Ben Gurion--neither received their cards, as in Las Vegas, many of the postal employees are on drugs, and will just slop the mail in anywhere, if they bother to deliver it at all.  I think it's only in Las Vegas this big-problem exists in this country.  I've mentioned this before, nothing changes.  Pricewaterhousecoopers has worked the Academy Awards forever, and that should change.  I haven't watched them for many years (I saw on the news, that one year, when the "Best Picture" was announced, it turned to Michelle Obama in the White House, who called-it, like they should dominate every aspect of our lives, what they thought).  I'm sure PWC has a continuing contract, and this breaks it.  CBS threw us a major-fight last night at Welterweight, between the undefeateds, Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia, Thurman gaining a split-decision in a tremendous fight, featuring beautiful techniques.  Thurman won the first 2 Rounds, the rest were close.  In China, 30 mil live in caves (cheap)

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