Thursday, August 13, 2009

good talk

I was just reading in today's newspaper about some Young Guy in Iran who was involved in the Recent Unrest there and how he was Tortured and Killed (nails pulled out, teeth knocked out, rectum ripped open, etc). When I belonged to Amnesty International we never sent Letters to Iran on behalf of people who we Wanted to see Released from Prison because if we did they'd just Kill them outright. Many low Swine dwell there. I went to an Oxygen Bar at the Del Mar Fair, always wanted to do that, and afterwards I bought a couple small Canisters of 90% pure Oxygen. Ever since before I go to the Gym I've been taking a few Hits of this before I go to the Car. Makes you lightheaded but seems to work well, I've had Good Workouts. But I don't think that my driving to the Gym is as Sharp as it usually is. I don't want you People to do this, I'm sure it'll go awry, you'll get in an Accident, maybe OD. Typically the Air that we breathe is 21% Oxygen, after I Inhale the 90% Oxygen it makes the Outdoor Air taste like Stale Smoke. For Decades after I take a long, hot Shower in the Morning instead of Toweling Off I Spray my Entire Body with 91% or higher Alcohol and let it Dry. My Parents were very Hygienic and I've improved on this. Don't you People do this, you'll set yourselves on Fire or Something. A year ago I was passing a pay-phone and 4 People who said that they were from Kazakhstan asked me how to make a Long-Distance Call. I couldn't help but sing "...Kazakhstan is the Greatest Country in the World, All the Other Countries are Ruled by Little Girls..." Nobody Smiled. I showed them how to use the Pay-Phone and even chipped in a couple quarters so we parted with them Seemingly Happy with me. Seemed like Pretty Good People. From Iguazu Falls I took the Bus to Posadas, a Pleasant 6-Hour Bus Trip. Posadas is on the Parana River and is right across from Paraguay. A City of a quarter-million there's Not too much to See but I enjoyed Walking Around in their Downtown. I was also able to buy the "Buenos Aires Herald" even though I was quite far from Buenos Aires. A very good English-Language Newspaper I often bought it during my 12 Day Stay in Argentina.

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